Word Voyage

An Adventure in Language

Posted on Mar 23 , 2017 by Whit Symmes

Every word has a story, and many of them are fascinating and fun to know. For example, let's roll back the time machine to the Middle Ages. You're a farmer heading to market, walking along with your ox Henry, who's pulling the cart full of produce. Now, you love Henry, but he isn't exactly...

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Posted on Mar 22 , 2017 by Whit Symmes

Students benefit greatly from building their vocabularies, but what words should they study? Workbooks and lists can present lots of good words, and after completing the exercises, many students will perform well on quizzes. But does this give them ownership of the words? A month later, will...

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Posted on May 16 , 2016 by Eliza Kano-Bower

My parents, (Generation X) spent hours and hours in primary school learning grammar. They learned all about subject-noun agreement, prepositional phrases, sentence structure, etc. That knowledge prepared them for college and the working world. Then, in the years between their schooling and mine,...

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Posted on Apr 26 , 2016 by Eliza Kano-Bower

When I was in Middle School I learned vocabulary by practicing with flashcards. It felt like a boring but necessary part of my education. Some years I also had workbooks, which offered a slightly cooler angle on the same thing: rote memorization. It was just accepted that vocabulary instruction was...

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Posted on Apr 19 , 2016 by Whit Symmes
  1. Vocabulary Instruction Tied to the Curriculum Word Voyage provides hundreds of vocabulary lists from classic and popular titles, as well as a service to create new lists on request- from any subject area! The words are immediately relevant to the students and reading comprehension is improved!
  2. ...
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Posted on Apr 01 , 2016 by Eliza Kano-Bower

Family Reunion is the first Word Voyage educational game! Its purpose is to reinforce the meanings of root words and root families in any given Word Voyage lesson. The task in the game is to match each word from the student's current lesson with the definition of a short word root. This task, which...

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